Zippers Galore

The time has come. We have arrived at the last pattern from the Spring 2014 collection – Zippers Galore. And we know that we shouldn’t play favorites, but if we admit that we do, this bag would be it. Zippers Galore is a larger and different version of the Classic Convertible and we both use it in our everyday lives.

Zippers Galore

At its core, Zippers Galore is an oversized messenger or shoulder bag.

Zippers Galore Laminated

Zippers Galore Cotton

(The bag in the top picture features two laminated cottons from Oilcloth Addict – the outside is Lark by Amy Butler and the lining is Happyland by Jennifer Paganelli – neither of which seem to be in stock at the moment.)

It features two outer zipper pockets that are super accessible (even when holding a toddler in one arm – trust us on that one) and an optional keychain clip.

Zippers Galore Outer Pockets

(Does anyone else see the weird face the bag is making in the picture above? No? Okay. Moving on.)

Zippers Galore also has a really unique grommeted double-strap that you likely won’t see anywhere else.

Zippers Galore Grommet Handles

Zippers Galore Side View

The interior of the bag has multiple inner and outer pockets (customizable to your needs, as always), optional snap closure, and optional card holder.

Zippers Galore Inner Lining

Zippers Galore Card Holder

The optional center padded divider panel offers great protection for a tablet or laptop.

Zippers Galore Divider Pocket

The finished size is about 15” x 18” x 5”.

As a workhorse messenger bag, it’s perfectly suited for heavy-duty daily use, like a laptop/work bag (Ali) or a diaper bag (Courtney).

Ali's Laptop Bag

Courtney's Diaper Bag

Here’s Courtney showing off just how easy it is to grab your keys while wearing the bag!

Reaching for the Keys

The PDF pattern has 17 pages and over 100 color photos!! You can buy it via instant download in our Etsy shop or our Craftsy shop for only $9.

We really like Zippers Galore (and hope you do too!) because we think it’s easy to love but very unique. As always, if you have any questions or comments about our patterns, we would be happy to hear from you. And please send us any pictures of your finished Zippers Galore bags because we would love to see and share them!

We’re going to be a little quiet on the blog front over the next few weeks as we sew away on our next collection (which if the stars actually align, will be released in late August). Let’s just say that we’re getting our vintage on this time around and we couldn’t be more excited!

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