Fleather? Yep, fleather. It’s actually a word. We just looked it up. And it’s certainly easier than having to type “faux leather” about 50 times in this post. So feel free to help the cause and start working it into all of your conversations immediately.

And now, without further ado, the MOST amazing (according to Gordon Ramsey himself – probably) fleather bag ever made. Behold the fleather Witchy Woman bucket bag!


Fleather Side View

There really are not enough words to describe this perfect bag, and all of the credit goes to Ali and her wonderful sewing skills and vision.

The gold hardware paired with the industrial zipper is both super chic and so professional looking.

Fleather Detail

The fleather, which we bought at our beloved U-Fab, is a beautiful light camel color and has a classic basketweave design.

Fleather Basketweave

The interior fabric Ali picked is also fabulous. You can see it in the lining, inner divided pockets, and outer front pocket.

Fleather Lining

Fleather Front Pocket

Here are some more gorgeous detail shots.

Fleather Cinch Detail

Fleather Side Strap

Fleather Detail2

Fleather Side View2

While Ali was sewing, she made several small modifications to accommodate the special needs of sewing with fleather. Here’s what she learned:

  • Trim down the width of the Handle by 1” because you can’t press fleather. Instead, you need to just fold it and you can’t get as tight of a fold as with a thinner material.
  • Trim down the width of the Cord by ½” for the same reason as above.
  • Trim the seams on the top and bottom of the Top Band to reduce bulk, otherwise there isn’t enough room for the eyelets.
  • You can leave the edges of the Handle raw if your machine can’t sew through that many thick layers. Use a zigzag stitch to keep the raw edges from fraying.
  • Instead of overlapping the ends of the Slide, align the ends next to each other and then sew them down.

Fleather Slide Detail

If you want to make your own fantastic fleather bucket bag (say that 4 times fast), go and buy our Witchy Woman pattern from our Etsy or Craftsy shop for only $9.

And if that’s not enough Witchy Woman fun, stay tuned because we hacked our own pattern again! We’ll post about two new cord options later this week!

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