Hey, 2020… Good Riddance!

The last time we posted was back in February. Ohhhhhhh, sweet sweet February. Does anyone even remember February?!?

Cheekiness aside, life has clearly changed in unimaginable ways, and we sincerely hope that everyone reading has weathered the COVID storm safely so far. We remain grateful everyday that we’ve stayed healthy, and we continue to do our part to stop the spread. As so many amazing sewers did, Courtney spent any free time this spring sewing masks for community members here in Richmond.

She found that kids’ masks options were extremely lacking in those early days, and the incredibly popular mask pattern put out by Craft Passion included kids’ sizes which got great reviews from her family and friends that used them.

This Fall, Courtney’s brother got married, and she made masks for all the guests to ensure that they would feel safe. Her now sister-in-law had the great idea to make them more fun by printing custom fabric at Spoonflower.

Right about the time that masks were available everywhere, virtual school began, and the pandemic started changing our lives in new ways once again. So our absence of posting this year can be summed up as “masks masks masks” and “covid covid covid.”¬† Not having time to sew means that we also didn’t have time to create new content, market our patterns, or finish our latest pattern, Let’s Jet.

As a result, and understandably, our sales have dropped off and we’ve reached the difficult decision that we aren’t able to sustain hosting our own shop. It was a a lot of work to build the shop, but it was a great experience and we’re super proud that we were able to give it a try. Our shop will disappear before the end of this month, but our paid patterns will still be available through Etsy, and our free patterns will be available on our site for download.

While we’re sad to see our Shop go, we certainly won’t shed any tears to see 2020 go in a few short weeks! Cheers to that!

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