Morning After

So we all know that the morning after having a bit too much to drink, there are good memories and bad ones. In that spirit, here we will share the “good” – ways to hack our patterns – and the “bad” – corrections to our patterns. We hope that over time the good will outweigh the bad on this page, just as we hope the good always outweighs the bad on your mornings after!

The Good

Carried Away Overnight Bag Pattern Addendum – with this addendum, you can now sew up this overnight bag in quilting cotton! All you need is some additional interfacing for support and to follow a couple of additional directions.

Starburst Clutch Pattern Hack – with this tutorial, you can now make as many interchangeable flaps as you like! All you need is a 10″ separating zipper, the male end of a magnetic snap, fun fabric scraps for the flap and a 20” X 15” piece of batting.

Witchy Woman Bucket Bag Pattern Hack – with this tutorial, you can make two new types of cords for our bucket bag! Chose from a sewn sash or a knotted paracord, both of which are super easy to make and add tons of versatility to your bag.

The Bad

Applejack Laptop / Tablet Case Pattern Correction – we needed to revise several of the Pellon yardage requirements for this pattern. If you already purchased this pattern, please contact us and we will be happy to send you the necessary revised pages.

Whole Shebang Pattern Updates – this entry doesn’t technically register as “the bad” since we didn’t correct any errors, but we made enough clarifications to our very first pattern that we thought it made sense to call it out. If you purchased it before 2020 and would like a new version, please contact us and we will be happy to send it to you.

4 thoughts on “Morning After

  1. You guys are hilarious! Just found this website – what took me so long! Lol!

    1. Welcome, Rose! We definitely have a lot of fun around here 🙂

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