Gracie’s Whole Shebang

We can’t believe December is almost over and that this will be our last post of the year! We hope that all of your holiday sewing dreams came true. Our families know us too well and bestowed on us lovely giftcards that speak directly to our fabric hoarding hearts. Bless them.

And in the spirit of giving, we both sewed up some special projects for our loved ones. Sadly Courtney completely forgot to photograph the sweet stockings she sewed up for one of her dearest friend’s little girls. (Even worse, she still hasn’t finished up the doll quilt for her daughter. Thankfully, two year olds are none the wiser if Christmas comes twice this year.) Ali was smart though and took these fantastic shots of the Whole Shebang she sewed up for her beautiful niece Gracie.

Gracie Whole Shebang

Gracie is a little firecracker and needed a bag for all of her cheering gear in her new elementary school’s colors, black and orange. Ali did the most amazing job using fun and youthful black and orange prints that convey Gracie’s school spirit but doesn’t look too boring or collegiate.

Gracie Whole Shebang 2

Ali lengthened the handles of the Shebang from the original pattern so it would be easier to carry when full of pompoms and uniforms. And it’s this ease with which you can customize this pattern that makes it one of our top sellers and one that we go back to sew over and over.

Gracie Whole Shebang Long Straps

Finally, she added the sweetest touch – Gracie’s name embroidered on the side of the bag. How fantastic is that??? Gracie flipped when she saw it and we know it will be well loved and well used for years to come.

Gracie Whole Shebang Embroidery

If you want to sew up your own Whole Shebang, you can buy it via instant download in our Etsy shop or our Craftsy shop for only $9. The PDF pattern has 16 pages and over 40 color photos. If you want to read more about the pattern, you can check out the original blog post here. And send us pictures of your bags, please!! We would love to see them and showcase them on our blog.

Happy New Year, everyone! We’ll catch you on the flip side…

FREE (!!) Wine Totes Tutorial

So what could possibly be more fun than one cute tote to carry your favorite wine? Two complementary totes made from the same free pattern! So just in time for the Spring wine festival season, we’re sharing this awesome free pattern/tutorial which makes not one, but two, super fun and useful wine totes.

Wine Totes promo

(Yeah, so we realized AFTER the photoshoot in Ali’s beautiful backyard that we probably should have waited to put the ice in our glasses. We swear that the bottle hadn’t been chilled… LOL)

When we first came up with the idea of releasing entire collections of sewing patterns, we also immediately knew that we wanted to offer free patterns with each collection. And in deference to W.O.W.’s humble beginnings, we wanted this first free pattern to pay homage to our love of wine. Wouldn’t these make the perfect host or hostess gift for the wine lover in your life?

Wine Totes with Bottles

These totes feature a padded divider so you can safely carry two wine bottles or one bottle and other supplies (anyone besides us obsessed with stemless plastic wine glasses for summer?). The totes also have two outside pockets for a wine opener or other small items, and measure approximately 12” x 10” x 5” each.

Wine Totes Top View2

Wine Totes Top View

All of the construction seams are French seams, so you can really impress yourself and anyone you gift one of these totes to with the professional finish they provide. The pattern includes step-by-step instructions for each French seam, so we feel confident that even a beginner sewer can follow them.

And here’s a helpful hint… if you’ve never done a French seam before (ahem, Courtney, ahem), it will seem really weird and counter-intuitive, but if you just trust the process, they will give you an amazing finished product.

Wine Totes French Seams

This pattern makes two complementary totes. So you buy less than a yard of two different fabrics, cut the same pieces out of both fabrics, but sew them up so that each tote features the opposite fabrics. Fun!

Wine Totes Side View

Wine Totes Handle

You will also need two 9”x7” pieces of batting or Pellon Fusible Fleece and four 7” strips of sew-on Velcro. That’s it! The PDF pattern has 9 pages and 50 color photos to help you every step of the way.

Click on here to download the FREE Wine Totes Pattern or you can also download it from our Craftsy shop for free.

We really hope you enjoy our first free pattern. And as usual, please send us any questions or comments, and especially send us any pictures of your finished Wine Totes, as we would love to share them! In the meantime, raise your glass and keep on sewing!


The Whole Shebang

Ack! It’s already time for the first detailed post from our Spring 2014 collection – the Whole Shebang!

First, we wanted to tell you where the name came from. This was the first bag we ever designed, so it has a special place in our hearts, and we also had many, many, many talks about what this bag should be able to do. Finally, we decided it should be able to do ANYTHING, and so the “Whole Shebang” concept was born. We have made Whole Shebangs that have served as gym bags, diaper bags, beach bags, market bags, and light overnight bags.

We also wanted to design a bag with so many customizable details that you could sew it over and over with completely different effects, and we think we achieved just that.

Whole Shebang

The Whole Shebang is a large multipurpose totebag with fully customizable outer and inner pockets, top or side straps, optional zipper closure, side ties or snaps, optional piping, and keychain clip. The finished size is about 14” x 20” x 10”.

Here’s a rundown of the fun choices you can make. You can choose a pieced band at the top, or straps that attach at the top of the bag:

Whole Shebang top straps

Or a plain rectangular band at the top, or straps that attach on the side of the bag:

Whole Shebang side straps

You can add ties on the side:

Whole Shebang ties

Or snaps on the side:

Whole Shebang snaps

You can add a keychain inside the bag:

Whole Shebang keychain inner

Or outside:

Whole Shebang keychain outer

You can also choose to add a zipper panel (or not!):

Whole Shebang zipper panel

Whole Shebang zipper closeup

Here’s a shot of what the interior with the fully customizable inner pockets might look like:

Whole Shebang interior 2

Whole Shebang interior

Whole Shebang inner pockets

The outside pockets are all also fully customizable to hold whatever else you want quick and easy access to:

Whole Shebang outer pocket 2

Whole Shebang outer pocket

You can also add a sweet piping detail along the top of the outer pocket (shown above) and along the top of the bag:

Whole Shebang piping top

The bottom of the bag and the lining feature a fun boxed detail, and the cardboard/mat board bottom makes it nice and sturdy:

Whole Shebang boxed bottom

And here’s what the Whole Shebang looks like in beautiful, shiny laminated cotton:

Whole Shebang laminated

Whole Shebang laminated side

The possibilities with this pattern are truly endless. You can mix and match materials, patterns, and options to your heart’s content to make the perfect totebag for yourself or a loved one. The PDF pattern has 16 pages and over 40 color photos, and you can buy it via instant download in our Etsy shop or our Craftsy shop for only $9.

We hope you enjoy this versatile bag and pattern as much as we do. We have already successfully gifted several test versions to our family and friends – the ultimate test of a good bag, in our eyes!

As always, if you have any questions or comments about our patterns, we would be happy to hear from you. And please send us any pictures of your finished Whole Shebangs, because we would love to see and share them!