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You’re Five Zippers Away from Thriller

100 bonus points to anyone who can name that movie… it’s a fan favorite in the W.O.W. households. It was also the original (but way too wordy) name for our final Spring 2014 collection bag – Zippers Galore. And in anticipation of next week’s in-depth look at our Zippers Galore pattern, we thought we’d share a snapshot of a zipper’s anatomy. And unlike human anatomy, it’s totally bloodless.

Zipper Anatomy

We snapped this quick pic the other day of one of the zippers in our stash (almost all of which are purchased at the awesome Zip It Etsy shop). Then we photoshopped a bunch of zipper part terms on there for you to get more familiar with an essential component of most bag patterns.

We hope this little anatomy lesson comes in handy one day when sewing up one of our bags!

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